Border Crossing


June 8, 2014

And thus began my final day in the beautiful country of Jordan. It was probably one of my favorite days but it started out with a lot of frantic last minute packing and trying to shove everything I had bought into my suitcase before the bus left me behind. We headed north, up to the ancient city of Jerash. I had spent all night last night filling out postcards for my friends and family, but now I realized how stupid it was of me to wait until the last minute to try and mail them. I told Sam that I needed to mail them before we left the country, but he assured me we would come across a post office in Jerash.

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Mosques and Mosaics


June 7, 2014

The next morning started early because we had a lot of things on our itinerary and not much time to finish it all. Our first stop for the day was to a mosque in Amman. Sam had told us yesterday that on visits to mosques he preferred that women wear long skirts or jeans, even though they give you a long robe to wear when you visit.

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Cultural Differences

DancingJune 6, 2014

My body was completely exhausted this morning. Because of trying to make calls back home and connect to the internet before bed, I had been staying up way later than I should have and was only getting about 5 hours of sleep every night. Couple that with a 10 mile hike yesterday, and I was pooped. Surprisingly my muscles weren’t sore, I was just mentally and emotionally fatigued.

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The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Amman, Jordan

Amman, Jordan

June 4, 2014

The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was open the windows and go out onto the balcony. The view was so breathtaking I almost couldn’t believe it was real. All of the buildings rose and fell with the flow of the land, over hills and down into valleys. The white and cream colors of bricks and stones reflected the sun and practically sparkled. The sky was clear, not a cloud in sight, and such a soft light blue it seemed dreamy. I found out later that’s because all the dust that gets kicked up makes the air hazy, but at the moment it seemed much more surreal than dusty.

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One Month in the Middle East


Amman, Jordan

June 3, 2014

One car ride, three airplanes, and a bus ride later, and I’m sitting in my hotel room in Amman, Jordan, looking out over the balcony onto the night city skyline as fireworks explode on the horizon. It was not easy getting to this point, however.

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Another Time, Another Place

One week from today, I will have landed in a very foreign country after 14 hours trapped in a plane, 7 hours of layovers, and 8 hours of time changes during which I will completely skip over June 3rd. For those of you who will be experiencing June 3rd, have a lovely day. My 365 day calendar will not be completely out of whack though, since I will be living the day of June 30th from sunrise to sunset once in Israel and once in the States.

But before any of that can happen, I first have to pack.


Seeing as nothing is actually inside my suitcase, I would say I’ve totally failed at packing.

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